Friday, July 8, 2016

Scalps (1987) - (Vassili Karis) Egyptian one-sheet

Scalps (11928) - (Vassili Karis) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster for the 1987 Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei film Scalps based on a story by Richard Harrison and Italo Gasperini, screenplay by Bruno Mattei and Roberto Di Girolamo and starring Vassili Karis as Matt. Plot summary: After the American Civil War Colonel Connor [Alberto Farnesse] is still holding on at a fort in desert country. He is negotiating with a local indian tribe for Yari, [Mapi Galan] daughter of the tribe's chief, but after the negotiations do not go well Connor's soldiers kill off the tribe with the exception of Yari, whom they capture. Yari escapes and makes common cause with a rancher named Matt.

Cast and crew: Cladio Fregasso, Bruno Mattei, Italo Gasperini, Roberto Di Girolamo, Richard Harrison, Vassili Karis, Mapi Galan, Charly Bravo, Beni Cardoso, Alberto Farnese, Lola Former, Emilio Linder

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