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A White Dress for Mariale (1972) - (Ida Galli) Belgian poster

A White Dress for Mariale (1972) - (Ida Galli) Belgian film poster

This is a 14" x 22" Belgian poster for the 1972 Romano Scavolini film A White Dress for Mariale written by Remigo Del Grosso and Giuseppe Mangione and starring Ida Galli (credited as Evelyn Stewart) as both Mariale and her mother. This was the first horror film by director Romano Scavolini, who later became famous for the slasher film Nightmare. Plot summary: As a young girl Mariale is driven out into a wooded area by her father [Franco Colgero], who then proceeds to shoot her mother, her mother's lover [Giancarlo Bonuglia Gianni Dei] and then himself while she watches. Later as an adult Mariale is living in a gothic castle with her husband Paulo [Luigi Pistilli]. Paolo does not allow Mariale to leave the castle and sedates her with drugs because he thinks she is too unstable to mix with other people. Because of her need for companionship Mariale invites some friends over for an evening including her friend Massimo [Ivan Rassimov], his friend Semy [Shawn Robinson] and a few other colorful characters. When Mariale's friends explore the castle with her and Paolo, in an underground chamber they find the white bloodstained dress Mariale's mother was wearing when she was murdered. Mariale decides to wear the dress at dinner that night. The dinner event leads to a free-for-all with loud music, promiscuous sex and a series of vicious murders.

Cast and crew: Romano Scavolini, Remigio Del Grosso, Giuseppe Mangione, Ida Galli, Ivan Rassimov, Luigi Pistilli, Pilar Velazquez,Ezio Marano, Giancarlo Bonuglia, Giancarlo Bonuglia Gianni Dei, Bruno Boschetti, Franco Calogero, Gengher Gatti, Edilio Kim, Carla Mancini, Shawn Robinson, Evelyn Stewart

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