Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hannibal (1959) - (Victor Mature) US one-sheet

Hannibal (1959) - (Victor Mature) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US poster for the 1959 Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia film Hannibal based on a story by Ottavio Poggi, screenplay by Mortimer Braus and Edgar G. Ulmer and starring Victor Mature as Hannibal. Plot summary: Hannibal invades Italy to prevent the Romans from attacking Carthage. After crossing the Alps into Italy with the help of a local chieftain, Hannibal, his army and his many elephants capture Sylvia [Rita Gam], the niece of the Roman Senator Fabius Maximus [Gabriele Ferzetti]. Sylvia and Hannibal fall in love, over the objections of some of the members of Hannibal's army. The Romans decide to fight Hannibal in the Battle of Cannae, and are defeated. Then Fabius Maximus takes over leadership of the Roman Army and Hannibal's campaign loses momentum. Sylvia goes back to Rome where she is tried for high treason.

Cast and crew: Victor Mature, Rita Gam, Gabriele Ferzetti, Milly Vitale, Carlo Ludovico Braggalia, Edgar G. Ulmer, Mortimer Braus, Sandro Continenza, Ottavio Poggi, Rik Battaglia, Franco Silva, Terence Hill, Mirko Ellis, Andrea Aureli, Andrea Fantasia, Renzo Cesana, Bud Spencer, Pina Bottin, Remo De Angelis, Piero Mitri

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