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Hercules Unchained (R1960) - (Steve Reeves) Lebanese one-sheet

Hercules Unchained (R1960) - (Steve Reeves) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Lebanese poster for a 1960 rerelease of the 1959 Bruno Vailati film Hercules Unchained based on a haphazard composite of stories by Pietro Francisci, Sophocles and Aeschylus with screenplay by Ennio De Concini and Pietro Francisci and starring Steve Reeves as Hercules and Gabriele Antonini as Ulysses. Plot summary: Hercules intervenes in a quarrel between the two brothers Eteocles [Sergio Fantoni] and Polynices [Mimmo Palmara] over who will rule Thebes. During this effort he drinks from a magic spring and is hypnotized by a harem girl as she dances the Dance of Shiva. The bewitched waters of the spring cause him to lose his memory and be captured by the Lydian Queen Omphale [Sylvia Lopez], who is in the habit of turning her male captives into statues after she tires of them. Omphale makes Hercules her love slave, but everyone except Hercules, who has forgotten his own name, knows his days are numbered. Young Ulysses tries to help Hercules recover his memory while Iole [Sylva Koscina], the wife of Hercules, finds herself in mortal danger at the hands of Eteocles, who plans to throw her to the wild beasts in his arena for entertainment. After remembering who he is and killing three tigers Hercules is able to rescue his wife; he then helps the army of Thebes repel mercenaries hired by Polynices. The two brothers kill each other when they fight for the throne after which the high priest Creon [Carlo D'Angelo] is made ruler by popular acclaim.

Cast and crew: Aeschylus, Ennio De Concini, Pietro Francisci, Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Sylvia Lopez, Gabriele Antonini, Primo Carnera, Patrizia Della Rovere, Sergio Fantoni, Fulvia Franco, Carlo D'Angelo, Marisa Valenti, Mimmo Palmara, Eida Tattoli, Daniele Vargas, Andrea Fantasia, Gino Mattera

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