Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Great Adventure (1975) - (Jack Palance) US Window Card

The Great Adventure (1976) - (Jack Palance) US Window Card

This is a 14" x 22" US Window card for the 1976 Gianfranco Baldanello film The Great Adventure (Italian title Il richiamo del lupo) in the style of the novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London with screenplay by John Fonseca and Elliot Geisinger starring Jack Palance as William Bates. Plot summary: In the time of the American Gold Rush an orphaned boy named Jim Chambers [Fernando E. Romero] and his wild dog Buck help save Dawson City in Yukon Canada from the evil machinations of its gambling boss, William Bates.

Cast and crew: Gianfranco Baldanello, John Fonseca, Elliot Geisinger, Jack London, Juan Logar, Jesus Rodriguez, Jack Palance, Joan Collins, Fred Romer, Elizabeth Virgil, Harold Spiro, ManuelDe Blas, Elisabetta Virgili, Remo De Angelis, Ricardo Palacios

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