Saturday, June 20, 2015

Head Over Heels (1979) - (John Heard) US half-sheet

Head Over Heels (1979) - (John Heard) US half-sheet

This is a 22" x 38" US half-sheet poster for the 1979 Joan Micklin Silver film Head Over Heels AKA Chilly Scenes of Winter, based on the novel by Anne Beattie, screenplay by Joan Micklin Silver and starring John Heard as Charles Richardson. Head Over Heels, the title of the first version of the film, had a happy ending. The title was later changed for the rerelease to Chilly Scenes of Winter with a new melancholy ending to match the book. The rerelease was more successful. Plot summary: Charles Richardson meets Laura Conley [Mary Beth Hurt] and falls in love at first sight. He is not deterred when he learns she is married, and she eventually moves in with him. However she later moves back in with her husband Ox [Mark Metcalf]; Charles continues to dream of getting her back.

Cast and crew: John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt, Peter Riegert, Kenneth McMillan, Gloria Grahame, John Micklin Silver, Ann Beattie, Kenneth McMillan, Gloria Grahame, Nora Heflin, Jerry Hardin, Tarah Nutter, Mark Metcalf, Allen Joseph, Frances Bay, Griffin Dunne, Alex Johnson, Beverly Rowland, Oscar Rowland

Watch on YouTube (part 1 of 8 under the final titleChilly Scenes of Winter

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