Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hard Contract (1969) - (James Coburn) US one-sheet

Hard Contract (1969) - (James Coburn) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" poster for the 1969 S. Lee Pogostin film Hard Contract based on story and screenplay by S. Lee Pogosin and starring James Coburn as John Cunningham. Plot summary: John Cunningham is a CIA contract assassin who receives a contract for three kills, two in Spain and Belgium and a third at an unknown location. After the first two kills he has feelings of remorse and hesitates taking on the third assignment--a former CIA hit man named Michael Carson [Sterling Hayden]. His handler Ramsey Williams [Burgess Meredith] threatens to kill him and his jet setter friend Sheila Metcalfe [Lee Remick] if he does not do the job.

Cast and crew: S. Lee Pogostin, James Coburn, Lee Remick, Burges Meredith, Sterling Hayden, Lilli Palmer, Patrick Magee, Claude Dauphin, Helen Cherry, Karen Black, Sabine Sun

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