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Hero of Rome (1964) - (Gordon Scott) Italian two-sheet

Hero of Rome (1964) - (Gordon Scott) Italian two-sheet

This is a 39" x 54" Italian two-sheet poster designed by Renate Casaro for the 1964 Giorgio Ferroni film Hero of Rome starring Gordon Scott as Gaius Mucius Scaevola based on a story by Alberta Montanti and screenplay by Remigio Del Grosso. Plot summary: The year is 508 BC and the Romans have expelled their Etruscan overlords. The Etruscans declare war to try to get the city back and succeed in capturing Mucius, who in a show of defiance deliberately burns off his own right hand in a brazier. He is then released by the stunned Etruscans. When the Roman Senate does a poor job fighting the Etruscans Mucius trains himself to fight with his left hand, then resumes the fight with the Etruscans and wins.

Cast and crew: Giorgio Ferroni, Renate Casaro, Remigio Del Grosso, Alberta Montanti, Gordon Scott, Gabriella Pallotta, Massimo Serato, Gabriele Antonini, Maria Pia Conte, Roldano Lupi, Phillippe Hersent, Franco Fantasia, Bernard Farber, Nando Angelini, Fortunato Arena, Tullio Altamura, Valerio Tordi, Attillio Dottesio, Gaetano Quartararo

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