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Harry in Your Pocket (1973) - (James Coburn) US one-sheet

Harry in Your Pocket (1973) - (James Coburn) US one-sheet

This is a US 27" x 41" one-sheet poster for the 1973 Bruce Geller film Harry in Your Pocket based on a story by James Buchanan and Ronald Austin and starring James Coburn as Harry. Plot summary: This is a film about professional pickpockets and their gangs, with technical jargon provided by film advisers who were themselves former pickpockets. Ray Houlihan [Michael Sarrazin] is an amateur thief who is taken in as a protege by a "wire mob"--a team of itinerant professional pickpockets--and tutored in tricks of the trade. Ray and his girlfriend Sandy Coletto [Trish Van Devere] meet Harry, a skilled professional pickpocket, who gives them money for better wardrobes and trains them to play parts as members of a coordinated team of pickpockets that specializes in preying on the upper classes. Tensions develop when Ray and Sandy begin training with Harry's senior partner Casey [Walter Pidgeon] and start developing superior skills that allow them to operate independently of the gang. The film contains the prophetic line from James Coburn's Harry: "If anything money'll disappear and we'll all be a number in a giant computer." In 1973 he was almost 45 years ahead of his time, but in 2015 what he predicted has already begun with the war on cash that is now being waged by a lot of banks.

Cast and crew: Bruce Geller, James Buchanan, Ronald Austin, James Coburn, Michael Sarrazin, Walter Pidgeon, Trish Ven DeVere, Michael C. Gwynne, Tony Giorgio, Michael Stearns, Susan Mullen, Duane Bennett, Stanley Bolt, Barry Grimshaw, Wesley Uhlman, Robert Antrim, Dorothy Antrim, Jack Mitchell

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