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Herod the Great (1958) - (Edmund Purdom) Argentine one-sheet

Herod the Great (1958) - (Edmund Purdom) Argentine one--sheet

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1958 Viktor Tourjansky film Herod the Great based on a story by Damiano Damiani and Tullio Pinelli and a screenplay by Damiano Damiani, Federico Zardi, Fernando Cerchio and Viktor Tourjansky, starring Edmund Purdom as Herod. Plot summary: When Herod is imprisoned by the Romans his lieutenant Aaron [Alberto Lupo] is bound by an oath he has made to Herod that he will kill the queen [Sylvia Lopez] if anything happens to the king; instead he breaks his oath and leads her out into the desert to save her life and that of Herod's son. Herod asks Emperor Octavian Augustus to release him and his request is granted. When Herod returns to his palace his son Antipater [Corrado Pani] tells him about the betrayal.

Cast and crew: Viktor Tourjansky, Eduund Purdom, Sylvia Lopez, Massimo Girotti, Sandra Milo, Alberto Lupo, Damiano Dmiani, Federico Zardi, Fernando Cerchio, Viktor Tourjansky, Elena Zareschi, Corrado Pani, Renato Baldini, Camillo Pilotto, Carlo D'Angelo, Enrico Glori, Adolfo Geri, Fedele Gentile, Enzo Fiermonte, Renato Montalbano

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