Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday (1976) - (Lee Marvin) US one-sheet

The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday (1976) - (Lee Marvin) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet for the 1976 Don Taylor film The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday written by Richard Alan Shapiro and starring Lee Marvin as Sam Longwood. Plot summary: Sam Longwood has been looking for his ex-partner Jack Colby [Robert Culp] for the last 15 years. It seems Colby absconded both with the gold from their mine and with Longwood's girlfriend Nancy Sue [Elizabeth Ashley]. Sam and his other two partners Joe Knox [Oliver Reed] and Billy [Strother Martin] finally find Colby and in the process, at a brothel they also kidnap Thursday [Kay Lenz], a young prostitute who is happy to be abducted. Complications develop when Thursday's employer [Sylvia Miles], a jealous lesbian madame named Mike, goes after them with firearms in her motorcar.

Cast and crew: Lee Marvin, Oliver Reed, Don Taylor, Richard Alan Shapiro, Robert Culp, Elizabeth Ashley, Strother Martin, Sylvia Miles, Kay Lenz, Howard Platt, Jac Zacha, Phaedra, Leticia Robles, Luz Maria Pena, Erika Carlsson, C. C. Charity, Ana Verdugo

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