Saturday, June 20, 2015

The War in Space (1977) - (dir: Jun Fukuda) 7 Mexican Lobby Sheets

The War in Space (1977) - (dir: Jun Fukuda) Seven Mexican lobby sheets

These are seven 16.5" x 21" Mexican paper lobby cards for the 1977 Jun Fukuda film The War in Space (Japanese Wakusei daisenso) based on a story by Hideichi Nagahara and Ryuzo Nakanishi and starring Kensaku Morita as Miyoshi. The principal design element of each card is the huge heavily armed "space battleship" Gohten built by Earth's team of scientists to fight the invaders from Venus. Plot summary: When earth is attacked by an alien spacecraft from Venus, Japanese scientists build the space battleship Gohten to use in trying to save humanity. At first the request to build the battleship is ignored, but when an alien tries to kidnap Professor Mataso Takigawa [Ryo Ikebe] everybody realizes the Earth is under attack and efforts are mobilized to build the battleship, which easily destroys the attacking enemy fighters and then moves on to Venus to hit their base of operations.

Cast and crew: Jun Fukuda, Hideichi Nagahara, Ryuzo Nakanishi, Kensaku Morita, Yuko Asano, Ryo Ikebe, Masaya Oki, Hiroshi Miyauchi, Hideji Otaki, Katstoshi Atarashi, Akihiko Hirata, Goro Mitsumi, Isao Hashimoto, Shoji Nakayama, David Perin, William Ross

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