Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Morning Vietnam (1987) - (Robin Williams) US one-sheet

Good Morning Vietnam (1987) - (Robin Williams) US one-sheet

Adrian Cronauer: "I'm from Queens!"

Vietnamese English student: "What are queens?"

Adrian Cronauer: "Tall thin men who like show tunes!"

This is a 27" x 40" US one-sheet for the 1987 Barry Levinson film Good Morning Vietnam written by Mitch Markowitz and starring Robin Williams as Airman Second Class Adrian Cronauer, on whose real experiences the film is loosely based. Plot summary: The year is 1965 and Adrian Cronauer is a new disk jocky shipped to Vietnam from Crete to add humor to Armed Forces Radio. The troops love him but the army brass are outraged by his disregard for regulations, his irreverence and his willful deviation from scheduled army programming. Cronauer's problems increase when he sees a Vietnames woman named Trinh [Chintara Sukapatana] and tries to develop a relationship with her.

Cast and crew: Robin Williams, Barry Levinson, Mitch Markowitz, Forest Whitaker, Tung Thanh Tran, Chintara Sukapatana, Bruno Kirby, Robert Wuhl, J.T. Walsh, Noble Willingham, Richard Edson, Juney Smith, Richard Portnow, Floyd Vivino, Cu Ba Nguyen, Dan Stanton, Don Stanton

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