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A Passenger from Heaven [مسافری از بهشت mosaferi az beheshti] (1963) - (Nosratolah Vahdat)

A Passenger from Heaven [مسافری از بهشت mosaferi az behesht] (1963) - (Nosratolah Vahdat) Iranian film poster

Here is a 27.75" x 12.75" Iranian poster designed by Davvalu to promote the 80-minute Nosratolah Vahdat black-and-white film A Passenger from Heaven [مسافری از بهشت mosaferi az behesht] starring Nosratolah Vahdat based on a screenplay by Nosratolah Vahdat with cinematography by Shokrallah Rafii. This film was produced by the Caravan Film Company. Plot summary: Zohre has a young boyfriend but her father opposes their marriage. Zohre and the capricious young man flee their birthplace Esfahan and take up residence in Tehran. Zohre soon becomes pregnant and then the boy abandons her. Zohre, desperate and frustrated, decides to kill herself but a handsome man named Parviz [Nostratolah Vahdat] prevents this. After hearing Zohre's story he agrees to be introduced to her family as her husband. Zohre gives birth shortly thereafter and Parviz, suffering from anxiety and guilt, tells her father what happened. The father drives Zohre and her baby out of his home. To save them Parviz marries Zohre and accepts the child as his foster child. In a newspaper the two of them read that the capricious young man who had damaged Zohre's reputation had been killed by a notorious woman. The man with the sad face on the splash screen has just been cut off because he is number 21 in an employment line that only has 20 jobs. The film's protagonist Parviz gives him his place and leaves.

Cast and crew: Nosratolah Vahdat, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Faridah Nasiri, Apik Youssefian, Arezu, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Ali Mohammad Rajai, Nadereh, Faridah Nasiri, Parkhizdeh

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