Saturday, October 12, 2013

Qarun's Treasure گنج قارون (Fardin) - (1965)

Qarun's Treasure [ganj-e qarun] (1965) - (Mohammad Ali Fardin) Iranian film poster

Pictured is an Iranian 13"x27" promotional poster designed by Davvalu for the 1965 Syamak Yasami 120-minute black-and-white film Qarun's Treasure starring Mohammad Ali Fardin based on a screenplay by Syamak Yasami, Ibrahim Zamani and Ashtiani, with cinematography by Ahmad Shirazi. The film was produced by Purya Film. Plot summary: A youth saved a man named Qarun from an attempted suicide by drowning, then took him home to take care of him. Through his mother he learned Qarun was his father who in his irresponsible early years had abandoned him and his mother. The son drove the father away. Qarun was sorry about his past and tried to get his son back. In the end he succeeded.

Cast and crew: Syamak Yasami, Mohamad Ali Fardin, Arman, Fourouzan, Taghi Zohuri, Abbas Shabaviz, Rafi Halati, Iran Ghaderi, Marotian, Karmen, Ahmad Shirazi

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