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Scheherezade (1946) - (Hussein Sedki)

Scheherezade [shahrzad] (1946) - (Hussein Sedki) Egyptian film poster

This is a first printing of a 21.5" x 32" Egyptian poster designed by Dimitri and Abdel Rahman to promote the 1946 Fouad El Jazairly film Scheherezade.

Scheherezade [shahrzad] (1946) - (Hussein Sedki) Egyptian film poster

These are first printing Egyptian posters by an unknown designer printed by Raghaeb printers to promote the 1946 Fouad El Jazairly 100-minute black-and-white film Scheherezade [shahrzad] starring Hussein Sedki based on a screenplay by Fouad El Jazairly with cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Aziz. The film was produced by Modern Egypt Films and distributed by Montakhebat Behna. Plot Summary: The young sultan Shahriar announced his desire to marry, then chose a bride who betrayed him. This transformed his attitude towards women. He declared women were only good for enjoyment and did not deserve wealth. He then declared he would marry a virgin every night, then kill her at dawn after he had enjoyed her. After his swordsman had killed many of them he chose a minister's daughter named Scheherezade who had decided to save other girls from this oppressive sultan. She told him a story that did not end by dawn so he did not kill her, hoping the story would end the next night. However when she finished the story the next night he let her start another. This continued for 1001 nights. She was able to conquer Shahriar's heart and save herself as well as all the other women in the kingdom. This made her an immortal legend.

Cast and crew: Fouad El Jazairly, Hussein Sedki, Elham Hussein, Samia Gamal, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Monsi Fahmy, Abdel Aziz Khalil, Mohammed Youssef, Mohammad al-Dib, Lutfy al-Hakim, Reyad El Kasabgy, Soad Ahmed, Istar Shatta, Nelly Mazlum, Yahya Negati, Saleheh Qasin, Amina Sedki, Safia Helmy

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