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Amir Arsalan-e Namdar [امیر ارسلان نامدار] (Fardin) - (1966)

Amir Arslan Namdar [امیر ارسلان نامدار] (1966) - (Fardin) Iranian film poster

This 27.5" x 13" Iranian poster was designed by Davvalu to promote the 1966 115-minute Esmail Kushan color film Amir Arsalan-e Namdar [امیر ارسلان نامدار] starring Fardin based on a screenplay by Esmail Kushan with cinematography by Mahmoud Kushan. The film was produced by the Pars Film Studio. Plot summary: The screenplay is a musical developed from a popular Persian legend that was first written as an epic poem by the royal storyteller in the court of the 19th Century Iranian monarch Nasser al-Din Shah. The tale is ostensibly set in the Third Century during the Sasanian Dynasty, but it includes asynchronous references to Islam in the lines of some of the characters. It is a mythical account of the adventures of Prince Arsalan, heir to the throne of Constantinople, who was born in Egypt because his mother had been driven there by a European invasion. This particular movie adaptation is a colorful production with bizarre demons, giants, dwarves, sprites, fairies, dragons, conversations with animals, magical spells and other mythical trappings. In his quest to recover his rightful throne Prince Arsalan travels far and fights many battles, but of course he always wins!

Cast and crew: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Esmail Kushan, Mahmoud Kushan, Farzaneh, Manuchehr Nozari, Hosein Mohseni, Jamshid Mehrdad, Hossein Amirfazli, Parisa, Ebrahim Kushan, Mohammad Kahenemout, Mohammad Taghi Kohanmui, Saber Atashin, Koorosh Kushan, Mashinchian, Reza Arefan, Ali Azarodi

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