Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Gentleman [شیر مرد] (Soheila) - (1963)

The Gentleman [shir mard] (1973) - (Soheila) Iranian Film Poster

Shown here is a 27.5" x 13" Iranian poster designed by Ojaqian to promote the 1963 Ebrahim Bagheri 98-minute black-and-white film The Gentleman [shir mard] starring Soheila based on a screenplay by Ebrahim Bagheri with cinematography by Naser Rafat. The film was produced by the Film and Cinema Organization. Plot summary: The two ruffians Abbas and Ebram had an old honest friendship. Asghar, who saw the two of them as a barrier to his demands for tribute, would plot against them once in awhile but he always failed. Abbas and Ebram both fell in love with a new cabaret singer who had recently appeared at their favorite public place. Asghar tried to take advantage of this situation to disrupt the friendship between Abbas and Ebram but even though he got a result at first and there was trouble between the two friends, finally the two ruffians came to their senses and Asghar was the one who ended up suffering the most.

Cast and crew: Ebrahim Bagheri, Soheila, Naser Rafat, Abbas Mosaddeq, Homayoun, Akbar Hashemi, Farkhondeh Hushmand, Shifteh Shafai, Iraj Bahrami, Yadi

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