Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commotion [hayahu] (1974) - (Behrouz Behnejad)

Commotion [hayahu] (1974) - (Behrouz Behnejad) Iranian film poster

This is a 23.5" x 35.25" Iranian film poster designed by Bateni for the 1974 Mohammad Safar black-and-white film Commotion [hayahu] starring Behrouz Behnejad based on a screenplay by Mohammad Safar with cinematography by by Potros Paulian; the film was produced by the Naqsh-e Jahan Studio. Plot summary: Amir, a student in Tehran, returned to his village to find peace with his mother and father. There he became enamored of a girl named Taraneh from a wealthy family. Taraneh's mother Niktaj also liked Amir but despite this the village calm was disrupted by the arrival of some people from the city. In the end all the people were lost in some way.

Cast and crew: Mohammad Safar, Manoochehr Purahmad, Behrouz Behnejad, Sepideh, Farid Bayat, Maliheh Nasiri, Reza Khazai, Mostafa Parvaneh, Zabih Zabihpur, Potros Paulian

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