Saturday, October 12, 2013

Still Life [طبیعت بیجان] (Zadour Bonyadi) - (1974) Iranian 41x56

Still Life [tabi'ate bijan] (1974) - (Zadour Bonyadi) Iranian 41x56 film poster

Pictured is a 41x56 Iranian poster designed by Morteza Momayez to promote the 1974 90-minute Sohrab Shahid Sales color film Still Life [tabi'at-e bijan] with screenplay by Sohrab Shahid Sales and cinematography by Hushang Baharlu. The film tells a melancholy tale of the forced retirement of an elderly switchman after more than 30 years of service at a remote railroad post, where he and his wife had been living a quiet uneventful life. He is taken by surprise when his retirement notice is delivered and does not understand what is happening. When the young replacement arrives the switchman and his wife must leave the company house where they have been living, but they have nowhere to go. The film ends with the couple loading their possessions onto a donkey cart. There is no music, only ambient sounds and voices.

Cast and crew: Parviz Sayad, Sohrab Shahid Sales, Zadour Bonyadi, Mohammed Kani, Hibibollah Safarian, Habib Safaryan, Zahra Yazdani, Majid Baghaie, Hedayatollah Navid, Mohammad-Reza Samimi, Noorollah Googlani, Hossein-Ali Bidogli, Mahini, Ali-Hossein Astarai, Khosro Zandi, Sayadchi, Najafi, Morteza Momayez, Hushang Baharlu

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