Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boss Karim We're at Your Service [اوستا کریم نوکرتیم] (Naser Malekmotei) - (1974)

Boss Karim We're at Your Service [oosta karim nokaratim] (1974) - (Nasser Malekmotei) Iranian film poster

This is a 23.75" x 35" Iranian poster designed by Behna to promote the 1974 Mahmoud Kushan 99-minute black-and-white film Boss Karim We're at Your Service [اوستا کریم نوکرتیم] starring Naser Malekmotei based on a screenplay by Parviz Khatibi with cinematography by Hossein Gasemi-Vand. It was produced by the Pars Film Studio. Plot summary: When a man met a dancer he became enamored of her and married her. After that the dancer stopped working and took up housekeeping. The dancer had a son who would occasionally meet her without telling the man he existed. These secret meetings made the man suapicious and the cabaret owner, who had suffered a loss when the dancing stopped, exacerbated the suapicions. This went to the point where the man and the dancer separated. Finally the truth became known and this time the man and the dancer began living peacefully together with her son.

Cast and crew: Mahmoud Kushan, Nasser Malekmotei, Shoorangiz Tabatabai, Morteza Aghili, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Roksana, Manouchehr Hamedi, Hassan Rezai, Tavoos, Manuchehr Qaderi, Parviz Khatibi, Behna

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