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Eve on the Road حواء على الطريق (Magda) - (1968) Egyptian one-sheet

Eve on the Road (1968) - (Magda) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Fouad and printed by Dar al-Kateb al-Arabi of Cairo to promote the 1968 Hussein Helmy 100-minute black-and-white film Eve on the Road [hawa ala al-tariq] starring Magda based on screenplay and dialogue by Hussein Helmy with cinematography by Dia El-Mahdy. The film was produced and distributed by the General Egyptian Cinema Institute. Plot summary: Three young women were alternating between the call of the heart and loyalty to the woman's cause of achieving full equality with men. Mona [Magda] was fully committed to the woman's cause and would not settle for anything less. Nashwa [Madiha Salem] thought it was better for women to accept reality. Hekmat [Soheir Samy] was committed to the cause and raised her voice with resounding slogans, but she inevitably sacrificed herself for her cause after everyone denied her. At the beginning her husband said he was a believer in full equality but in fact he just a follower who felt a sense of superiority. Nashwa rushed into a marriage with Galal, a happy pilot [Abdel Moneim Ibrahim]. Hekmat abandoned her principles in her marriage to her lawyer neighbor. Mona's husband Khaled [Rushdy Abaza] backed down when she insisted and decided to meet her halfway, which saved her at the last minute. Mona had a daughter to whom she passed the torch.

Cast and crew: Hussein Helmy, Hussein El-Mohandess, Dia El-Mahdy, Rushdy Abaza, Abdelazim Abdelhack, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Magda, Madiha Salem, Soheir Samy, Rashuan Tewfik, Aziza Helmy, Amal Ramzy, Ahmed al-Haddad, Malek Al-Gamal, Soheir Reda, Kawsar Ramzy, Hassan Mostafa, Mohammad al-Bashari

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