Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Devil at the Door [shaitan dar mizanad] (1964) - (Reza Beyk Imanverdi]

Devil at the Door [shaitan dar mizanad] (Ismail Yasseen) (1956) Egyptian film poster

This poster is a 28" x 13.75" Iranian advertisement designed by Mozaheri to promote the 1964 Esmaeil Riyahi 90-minute black-and-white film Devil at the Door [shaitan dar mizanad] starring Reza Beyk Imanverdi based on a screenplay by Esmaeil Riyahi with cinematography by Ghodratallah Ehsani. The film was produced by the Azhir Film Studio. Plot summary: Two truck drivers got into a disagreement. One of them, who was quite unhappy, ran over a child. The other driver, who thought he was really to blame, initially intended to flee the scene but later turned himself in. The truth finally became clear and his rival, who was the one who had violated the law, was arrested.

Cast and crew: Esmaeil Riyahi, Ghodratallah Ehsani, Arman, Abdollah Butimar, Reza Beyk Inanverdi, Jalal Pishvaian, Shahla Riahi, Haleh, Hossein Jahangiri, Reza Shafi, Ali Miri, Hassan Dargazani, Minu Shafi

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