Friday, October 18, 2013

The Last Night [akharin shab] (1955) - (Hossein Daneshvar)

The Last Night [akharin shab] (1955) - (Hossein Daneshvar) Iranian film poster

Pictured is a 19.5" x 13.5" Iranian poster designed by Ojaqian to promote the 1955 Hossein Daneshvar film The Last Night [akharin shab] starring Hossein Daneshvar based on a screenplay by Fazlollah Manouchehri with cinematography by Mohsen Badi. The film was produced by Oqab Studio. Plot summary: A deceived girl marries a young claims attorney. The girl's past troubles her and she is always thinking about telling the facts to her husband, but fear of losing her good fortune prevents her from doing so. Ths husband finally learns the truth when the one who deceived the girl is killed by his disreputable friends.

Cast and crew: Hossein Daneshvar, Azadeh, Mehdi Raghabi, Pik Khan, Roya, Tabatabai, Soheila Sokhansanj, Hushang Azadeganian, Ezzatollah Vosoogh

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