Friday, October 18, 2013

Roast Duck [مرغابی سرخ کرده] (Nostratolah Vahdat) - (1961) Iranian Film Poster

Roast Duck [morghabiye sorkh kardeh] (1961) - (Nosratolah Vahdat) Iranian film poster

This is a 27.5" x 19.75" Iranian poster designed by Davvalu to promote the 1961 Nosratolah Vahdat 100-minute film Roast Duck [morghabi-ye sorkh kardeh] starring Shahla Riahi based on a screenplay by Nosratolah Vahdat with cinematography by Saber Rahbar. The film was produced by the Caravan Film Studio. Plot Summary: Changiz was looking for wealthy people that he could trap. One of his targets was a man named Nosrat, whose wealth Changiz was planning to grab with the help of a woman named Ghazal, who was gradually preparing him for the hit. At the last moment Ghazal became unwilling to cooperate because she had fallen for Nosrat. Changiz brought in another woman named Sharareh, but he failed this time too and Nosrat returned to his peaceful life.

Cast and crew: Nosratolah Vahdat, Shahla Riahi, Saber Rahbar, Shahla Riahi, Sharareh, Said Kamyar, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Homayoun, Hossein Jahangiri

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