Saturday, October 19, 2013

One Step to Paradise [yek qadam ta behesht] (1966) - (Nosratolah Vahdat)

One Step to Paradise [yek qadam ta behesht] (1966) - (Nosratolah Vahdat) Iranian film poster

This is a 25.5" x 13" Iranian poster designed by Ahang to promote the 1966 105-minute Nosratolah Vahdat black-and-white film One Step to Paradise [yek qadam ta behesht] starring Nosratolah Vahdat based on a screenplay by Nosratolah Vahdat with cinematography by Shokrollah Rafii. The film was produced by the Naqshe Jahan Studio. Plot summary: A woman in despair and without shelter leaves her child by the side of a road. An indigent but kindly man finds the child. The woman returns in remorse to take the child but does not find him. From then on she puts all of her effort into caring for children. Years later the mother finds her child and the boy requires her to marry his father as a condition for accepting her.

Cast and crew: Nosratolah Vahdat, Shokrollah Rafii, Pouri Baneai, Homayoun, Gholamhosein Bahmanyar, Seyyed Ali Miri, Yuri, Sonya, Mir Mohammad Tajaddod, Safapour, Mohammad Reza Rafi'i

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