Sunday, October 13, 2013

Golnesa (1952)

Golnesa (1952) - (dir; Serge Azarian) Iranian film poster

This is a 13.5" x 19.75" Iranian promotional poster by an unknown designer for the 1952 Serge Azarian film Golnesa based on a screenplay by Serge Azarian and Abolghasem Janati with cinematography by Vahak Vartanian. The film was produced by the Diana Film Company. Plot summary: Golnesa was loved by the youth of her village. They all wanted to marry her, but she was decieved by the temptations of a city youth and had a child. The youth abandoned her but five years later when he returned to the village and saw his child, he took it with him to the city. Golnesa thought her child had been taken from her by way of the sea, went out into the water and drowned. Mahmoud, Golnesa's father, avenged his daughter in the city against the youth who had caused the tragedy.

Cast and crew: Serge Azarian, Abolghasem Janati, Vahak Vartanian, Ma'sumeh Khakyar, Hushang Sarang, Akbar Khajavi, Vanda, Youssefi, Qasem Jabali, Serge Arezumanian

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