Monday, October 14, 2013

World Full of Hope (1969)

World Full of Hope [donya-ye por omid] (1969) - (Fardin) Iranian film poster

This is a 27.5" x 19.5" Iranian poster by an unknown designer made to promote the 1969 130-minute black-and-white Ahmad Shirazi film World Full of Hope [donya-ye por omid] based on a screenplay by Saeed Motalebi with cinematography by Ahmad Shirazi. The film was produced by the Mehregan Film Studio and distributed by Fardin Film. Plot summary: A child becomes separated from his father and lives alone and without hope. As a teenager he meets a girl who like him has lost her father as a child. The two begin a great search to find the father and they succeed after a series of adventures.

Cast and crew: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Ahmad Shirazi, Taghi Zohuri, Shahla, Marjan, Hooshang Beheshti, Hosein Amirfazli, Reza Abdi, Haleh, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Seyyed Ali Miri, Lili, Dariush Talayi, Saeed Motalebi

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