Friday, October 25, 2013

Hassan and Hassan (1944) - (Mohammed Al Kahlawi)

Hassan and Hassan (1944) - (Mohammad Al Kahlawi) Egyptian poster

This is a 21.5" x 34" first printing of an Egyptian poster designed by Marcel and printed by L'Art Graphique to promote the 1944 Niazi Mostafa 105-minute black-and-white film Hassan and Hassan [hassan wa hassan] starring Mohammed Al Kahlawi based on a screenplay by Niazi Mostafa with story and dialogue by Abu Seoud El Ibiary and cinematography by Mostafa Hassan. The film was produced and distributed by Nahas Film. Plot summary: One Hassan drove a taxi and the other was a hustler. The hustler married the cousin of the brother of the taxi driver so he could drain his assets with the delusion of the existence of a profitable company. On the train the two of them met Houria, a girl from a conservative family and they both loved her, but she had a maid who was going to marry Hassan the hustler. Houria's family was angry because her daughter was marrying a driver and they beat him. The hustler tricked Houria's father and almost went to prison but Hassan the driver intervened to save him, and he persuaded the family to accept him.

Cast and crew: Mohammed Al Kalhawi, Houriyya Mohamed, Bechara Wakim, Niazi Mostafa, Mostafa Hassan, Leila Helmy, Ferdoos Mohammed, Mahmoud Ismail, Choukoukou, Hager Hamdi, Abdel Moniem Ismail, Abdul Hamid Zaki, Latif Amin, Al-Sayed Abu Bakr, Zaki Ibrahim

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