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The Red Line (1982) - (dir: Masoud Kimiai) [خط قرمز]

The Red Line [خط قرمز khat-e qermez] (1982) - (dir: Masud Kimiai) Iranian film poster

This is an Iranian poster by an unknown designer made to promote the 1982 Masoud Kimiai film The Red Line [khat-e qermez] based on a screenplay by Bahram Beizai from his play Shab-e Samur and starring Saeed Rad as Armani. When this film was made both Kimiai and Beizai were in their 40s and had well-established careers in the Iranian film industry. Wikipedia has articles about both of them summarizing their professional activities. Plot summary: In the fall of 1978 at the peak of the revolution an agent named Armani from the National Intelligence and Security Organization (SAVAK) [Saeed Rad] marries a girl named Lale [Farimah Farjami] who knows nothing about his occupation. A series of strange events on the eve of the wedding and the absence of the SAVAK make the girl suspicious, angry and afraid and cause her to investigate; the next morning they have a heated, violent confrontation that ends when she shoots him with his pistol.

Cast and crew: Masud Kimiai, Bahram Beizai, Saeed Rad, Farimah Farjami, Kurosh Afsharpanah, Saeed Amir Soleymani, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Jamshid Hashempur, Iren, Gisu Kheradmand, Ali Mahzun, Turan Mehrzad, Saeed Pirdust, Amrollah Saberi, Ai Sabet, Khosro Shakibai, Alireza Zarrindast, Jalal, Akbar Mo'azazi, Jamshid Arya

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