Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Party in Hell (1958)

A Party in Hell [shabneshini dar jehannam] (1958) - (Reza Arham Sadr) Iranian film poster

This is an Iranian promotional poster designed by Ojaqian to promote the 1958 102-minute black-and-white Musegh Sarvari and Samouel Khachikian film A Party in Hell [shabneshini dar jihannam] with screenplay by Hoseyn Madani and cinematography by Enayatallah Famin. The film was produced by Film Caravan. Plot summary: Hajji Jabbar was a wealthy man reproached by his family for his miserliness. To get more money he wanted to marry his daughter Parvin to a wealthy old man and he paid no attention to the relationship between Parvin and his nephew, nor did he pay any attention to his son Hamid, who was in decline because of neglect. At the same time Hajji's health was also failing; one night in a dream he saw himself in Hell. When he awakened he came to himself and distributed his wealth among his family, and he also allocated part of it to the construction of a hospital and a school. Then he died.

Cast and crew: Samouel Khachikian, Mushegh Sarvari, Mehdi Maysaghieh, Reza Arham Sadr, Rufia, Ezzatollah Vosoogh, Ebrahim Bagheri, Parkhide, Mehdi Reisfirooz, Rahim Roshanian, Ali Zandi, Houshang Moradi, Ali Zandi, Kan'an Kiani, Akbar Khajavi, Rahim Roshanian, Mehdi Raisfirooz, Delkash

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