Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Samad Goes to School (1973) - (Parviz Sayyad)

Samad Goes to School [samad beh madraseh miravad] (1973) Iranian film poster

This is a 23.5" by 32.5" Iranian poster designed by Momayez to promote the 1973 108-minute Parviz Sayyad black-and-white film Samad Goes to School [samad beh madraseh miravad] starring Parviz Sayyad as Samad with screenplay by Parviz Sayyad and cinematography by Amir Karari. The film was produced by the Free Film Group and the Panorama Cinema Organization. Plot summary: A class was formed in the village for older people. Mr. Ostevar sent a smuggler who had been arrested to this class. The smugger's colleagues tried to help him escape, but Samad and the other students found out about it and brought about the arrest of the criminal gang.

Cast and crew: Parviz Sayyad, Amir Karari, Hosein Amirfazli, Nozar Azadi, Mahmud Bahrami, Ghodratollah Entezami, Jahangir Forouhar, Abdolali Homayoon, Farokhlagha Hushmand, Hassan Raziani, Bagher Sahraroodi, Reza Shafi, Minu Shafih, Manoochehr Yekta Vosooghi, Apik Youssefian, George Zahedi, Mahmud Bahrami, Ali Zahedi, Nozar Azadi

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