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Bird of Happiness [homa-ye sa'adat] (1971) - (Fardin)

Bird of Happiness [homa-ye sa'adat] (1971) - (Fardin) Iranian film poster

This is a 23.5" x 35.25" Iranian poster made to promote the 1971 Tapi Chanakya Iran-India colloboration film Bird of Happines starring Fardin based on a screenplay by Saeed Motalebi with cinematograpy by Mehdi Amir Qasemkhani. The film was produced by Ariana film. Plot summary: Aram fills in love with a girl of Indian extraction named Shirin. Because he knows her mother still adheres to old-time family mores, he pretends he is his brother Nasser and introduces Shirin as the daugher of a maharaja. In Aram's absence the truth is revealed and with various measures the mother finally gets Shirin out of Aram's life. Thinking Shirin has broken off with him, Aram submits to his mother's demand that he marry Nazanin. Nazanin, who is an uninhibited and permissive woman, quickly makes Aram indifferent towards her, but by this time she has already had a child (Ramin). At school Ramin becomes friends with Shirin's son Reza. Aram's brother Nasser, who has mainatained an awareness of Shirin's circumstances from a distance, learns the truth and informs Aram. Nazanin comes to herself and tries in various ways to maintain her life, but she does not succeed and at the height of unhappiness she is killed in an automobile accident. After that Shirin and Aram begin life together again.

Cast and crew: Tapi Chanakya, Saeed Motalebi, Mehdi Amir Qasemkhani, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Waheeda Rehman, Aryan, Sanjeev Kumar, Simin Ghaffari, Mohammad Tajadod, Mohammad Taghi Kohanmui, Seyyed Ali Miri, Mohammad Reza Rafi'i, Peyman

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