Thursday, October 24, 2013

Return to the Countryside (1939) - (Mahmoud Zulfikar)

Return to the Countryside [awdat ila al-reef] (1939) - (Mahmoud Zulfikar) original Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a first printing of a 24" x 35" Egyptian poster designed by Sherif to promote the 1939 Ahmed Kamal Morsi 90-minute black-and-white film Return to the Countryside [al-'awdet ila al-reef] starring Mahmoud Zulfikar based on story and screenplay by Ahmed Kamal Morsi with cinematography by Francois Verkash. It was printed by al-Raghaeb and distributed by Behna Films. Plot summary: This film tells a story of an incident in the lives of a wealthy family that forces them to move from the city to the country, where they become aware of the needs of the peasant laborers on their land and the issues surrounding the question of absentee ownership.

Cast and crew: Ahmed Kamel Morsi, Malak, Mahmoud Zulfikar, Francois Verkash, Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Fouad Al-Raisi, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Hussein Assar, Nesim Neda

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