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Hatam Ta'i (1966) - (Fardin)

Hatam Ta'i (1966) - (Fardin) Iranian film poster

This is a 27.5" x 13" Iranian poster designed by an unknown artist to promote the 1966 Mohamad Ali Fardin 115-minute black-and-white film Hatam Ta'i starring Fardin based on a screenplay by Fardin with cinematography by Mehdi Amir Qasemkhani. The film was produced by the Misaghyeh Studio. Plot summary: Gavaran Khan decided to seek the hand of Hatam's daughter Puneh in marriage on behalf of Abbas. With the cooperation of her cousin Sharareh, Puneh asked her father to give her ten days to introduce the youth she wanted for herself. One day the automobile carrying Sharareh and Puneh broke down on the road and the two of them asked the blacksmith Jalal and his apprentice Ahmad for help. Dressed in men's clothing, Puneh and Sharareh went to Jalal's favorite cafe to get to know him better. Puneh revealed her interest in Jalal and Jalal went to meet Hatam in work clothes using the name Farrokh Nozar to ask for Puneh's hand. Hatam drove him away and Jalal angrily left Puneh. Puneh ran away from home and went to the home of Jalal's mother. Hatam pleaded and gave Jalal a check for three million tumans, asking him to stay away from his daughter. Jalal tore the check up in front of Hatam. Under the influence of Jalal's behavior Hatam told his daughter what had happened and then sent her after Jalal.

Cast and crew: Mohamad Ali Fardin, Mahdi Amir Qasemkhani, Pouri Baneai, Homayoun, Hooshang Beheshti, Mohsen Arasteh, Akbar Khajavi, Hooshang Sarang, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Iran Ghaderi, Abdollah Mohammadi, Hassan Raziani, Rostam Khani, Mansour Sepehrnia, Tabrizi

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