Sunday, October 20, 2013

Agent 114 (1966) - (Abdollah Butimar)

Agent 114 [mamour 114] (1966) - (Abdollah Butimar) Iranian film poster

The item shown is a 27.5" x 13" Iranian poster designed by Davvalu to promote the 1966 Esmaeil Poorsaeid film Agent 114 based on a screenplay by Esmaeil Poorsaeid with cinematography by Said Nivandi. The film was produced by the Tehran United Cinemas Group. Plot summary: A suitcase filled with 50 million rials in jewels is stolen. The police assign one of their secret agents to find the jewels. After investigating the agent finally gets on the gang's trail. The gangleader sends his daughter to eliminate the agent. The agent, who has investigated the matter thoroughly, thwarts the girl's plan. He arrests the girl's father (the gangleader), obtains the jewels and returns them to their owner.

Cast and crew: Abdollah Butimar, Esmaeil Poorsaeid, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Said Nivandi, Javad Taghadosi, Frank Mirqahari, Akbar Khajavi, Ali Azad, Yadi, Saqi, Hossein Eshragh, Mohsen Arasteh

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