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Meeting at the Tower موعد في البرج (Soad Hosny) - (1963) Egyptian one-sheet

Meeting at the Tower (1963) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a poster promoting the 120-minute 1963 black-and-white Ezzel Dine Zulficar film Meeting at the Tower [mowed fil-borg] starring Soad Hosny with screenplay by director Ezzel Dine Zulfikar and cinematography by Massoud Essa, based on the 1957 Leo McCarey film An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr taken from a story by Mildred Cram. Plot summary: Adel met Amal on a ship bound for Alexandria while they were both trying to steal jewels from a wealthy elderly woman named Khadija Hanem, who considered Adel her fiance. An old Anatolian man loved Amal and also wanted to court her, but the two thieves fell in love. They decided to meet after a few months. Adel began working as a cook on a ship; his situation improved when the captain discovered he knew a number of languages. Amal's brother Ala was a gangleader who tried to force his sister to continue stealing and exploting her Anatolian fiance while he prepared to steal his money. Amal did everything in her power and worked at a modest job despite all the difficulties, but she did not succeed in getting the money. The day came when she was to meet Adel at the Cairo tower, but she had an automobile accident on the way there. Adel was waiting for her, but he found himself surrounded by Ala's men. He was able to get away from them but he did not know what had happened to his sweetheart. He tried to find her and while he was looking for her, he decided he would marry her. Then he found her and they married. When the brother Ala was arrested the newlyweds went on a honeymoon to Europe.

Cast and crew: Mildred Cram, Soad Hosny, Salah Zulfikar, Fouad El-Mohandes, Souraya Helmy, Ezzel Dine Zulficar, Mohamed Abu Youssef, Zein El-Ashmawy, Zeinab Sedky, Mahmoud Farag, Samia Rushdy, Zaki Ibrahim, Anwar Mady, Salah al-Masry, Helmy Halim, Al-Sayed Gaber

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