Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jack of All Trades (1965) - (Ali Azad)

Jack of All Trades [hameh sar harif] (1965) - (Ali Azad) Iranian film poster

This is a 27.5" x 13" Iranian poster designed by Davallu to promote the 1965 Reza Fazeli 101-minute black-and-white film Jack of All Trades [hameh sar harif] starring Ali Azad based on a screenplay by Ahmad Shamlu with cinematography by Homayoun Arjomand. The film is a product of Caravan Films and Middle East Films. Plot summary: After his wife's death a man married a widow. Both of them had daughters from their first marriages. The wealthy man's new wife tried to eliminate his daughter so she could inherit her husband's wealth; however a young man told the girl about the plot against her and saved her from disaster. At the same time the wealthy man, the father of the girl, was killed and in a trumped-up scenario the young man was accused of the murder. The young man fled before he was arrested and after investigating he realized the murderer was really the brother of the wealthy man, whom everyone had thought to be dead. The murderer was arrested and the girl married the young man.

Cast and crew: Ahmad Shamlu, Reza Fazeli, Homayoun Arjomand, Soheila, Mohammad Reza Fazeli, Javad Taghadosi, Afsaneh, Akbar Jannati-Shirazi, Nadereh, Ali Azad, Hooshang Beheshti, Akbar Khajavi, Hassan Shahin

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